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Green Eagle Solutions is a software development company focused on controlling and improving the performance of wind farms and solar plants.

We want to be leaders in the rebirth of the renewable market. Renewables are increasingly becoming part of the energy mix in developed and emerging markets and we want to ensure that all stakeholders are seeing results that will encourage further adoption in the near future. Green Eagle Solutions is passionate about corporate responsibility and our commitment to keeping operable renewable plants on the grid- making them more efficient and profitable.

We already work with the biggest players such as VESTAS, ACCIONA, RWE o Grupo JORGE. Our customers require stable, reliable and flexible solutions and we do what it takes to meet their needs.

We are now located in Google Campus Madrid, the best place to continue your career and to learn quickly. However, we also offer the possibility of working in Seville.

As part of our team, you'll be part of our product team and will work closely with the CTO.

Currently, our salaries are up to 35.000 € gross / year for developers. However, the entry levels have lower salaries and we expect you to grow with us.
Green Eagle is not for everyone, you would be a very good fit for this company if...

- You are passionate about startups and technology and that's why you would feel really comfortable working for a company that is based in Google Campus Madrid. 

- You are a friendly person that is always working hard to better your skills and would enjoy working in a coworking place like Google Campus (Madrid) or Work In Company (Seville).

- You are excited to learn more about how our software monitors, controls, analyzes data collected and improves renewable energy plants' performance. 

- You want to contribute to the expansion of our product, CompactSCADA, and integrate it into real wind farms and solar plants. 

- You would enjoy getting it ready for its online commercialization and to provide customer support when needed.

- You have experience in programming in any of the following languages: C#, F#, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3/SASS, and working with databases, plus you are able to quickly learn new technologies.
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Do you prefer to work on a team or alone?

What is your preferred development environment? (OS, Editor, Browsers, Tools etc.)

What excites or interests you about coding?

What's the biggest problem you have faced on a project and how did you solve it?

Quick frontend questions

{{answer_16231019}}, how many years have you been working in Frontend, exclusively? *

What libraries/frameworks have you used in frontend? Which would you like to learn more about?

How do you feel making mockups with HTML5&CSS3/SASS?

Do you have experience in UI/UX?

Quick Backend questions...

{{answer_16231019}}, how many years have you been working in Backend, exclusively? *

General SQL: What is the difference between a View and a Table?

What`s your experience with NO-SQL databases? What do you know about MongoDB?

What is the main difference between threads and processes?

What is the difference between abstract classes and inheritance?

In the next C# code, is the variable “time” null or not? why?

DateTime time;       

if (time == null) {           
     /* do something */       

Finally, what annual salary (€) are you looking for in a short term?

Numbers only please.
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